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Team Supercrew

Kids' Grit Cape and Badge

Kids' Grit Cape and Badge

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Team Supercrew Grit Cape: Transform into a Superhero!

Hey, Superkids! Ready to unleash your inner hero? With the Team Supercrew Grit Cape, you'll be showing off your determination and perseverance wherever you go! This isn't just any cape—it's your ticket to endless adventure and imaginary play!

Super Features:
  • BAM! POW! WOW! Each cape comes in a super bold green with the super powerful word: GRIT to remind you of your amazing superpowers!
  • Comfy & Sturdy: Made from super soft, high-quality fabric, this cape is perfect for epic adventures, backyard battles, or simply zooming around the house!
  • Fits All Superheroes: One size fits all, so every kid can join Team Supercrew and feel like a superhero in a flash!

Why Choose the Team Supercrew Grit Cape? 

Because every kid has a superhero inside, and our cape helps you show it off! Need a boost of grit to face a challenging day at school? Check! Want to inspire perseverance among your friends? Double check! Need to stay determined during a big game? Triple check! Got the tenacity to tackle any challenge with grit? You bet!

With the Team Supercrew Grit Cape, your imagination will soar higher than ever, and your determination will tackle any challenge! Whether you're helping a friend stay motivated, pushing through tough tasks, or just enjoying a triumphant moment, this cape will remind you of the power of perseverance. It's more than just a cape—it's your superhero uniform for imaginary play and real-life determination!

So, what are you waiting for? Slip on your Team Supercrew Grit Cape and get ready to save the day, every day, through endless imaginary play and moments of perseverance!

  • Kids’ cape-hand wash, air dry
  • Kids’ cape measures 29” W x 29” L
  • 100% polyester material
  • Badge measures 2” W x 3” L
  • Badge is “stick on” with peel away backing
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